Rock For Health Article Published in The Pulse Magazine

The latest issue of The Pulse Magazine is now out and my piece on Kristina Grossmann and Rock For Health is in it.  For those of you who are not familiar with Rock For Health I encourage you to read the article and check out what Kristina is doing, I think it’s very important to the music community and we should all help out as much as we can.  You can also visit their official website here.

Here’s a link to the online version of it:

Kristina Grossmann – Rock’s Health Angel gets interviewed!


Usually I’m the interview-er not the interview-ee so when The Pulse asked about doing a piece on I was pretty excited. Finally the tables were turned and I was able to answer the questions rather than ask them.

Jillian did an amazing job at capturing the true essence of our website, so I’m really happy that she was the one who was assigned to this. Check out the full article in The Pulse Magazine online here. (If you’re in Massachusetts you can pick up the print copy around town too!!!)

Thanks again to Jillian, you rock!

The Pulse Magazine – January 2008 Issue

I have two pieces published in the January 2008 issue of The Pulse Magazine. 

You can read about local bands Crimson Bile and One Bullet Solution in the Up & Comers section. The Up & Comers section is dedicated to exposing new local acts to the community.  You can pick up the issue all over town at your usual haunts.  It’s also available online here as well.