Best of 2011

2011 was a busy year! Shot more shows than I could keep track of..hundreds of artists from all sorts of genres. I took a stab at pulling together some of my favorite shots of 2011 but inevitably I’m sure some fell through the cracks.

You can check out the gallery here, or check it out below. Your feedback is always appreciated!

“Pardon Our Appearance”

If you happen across this page, please excuse the mess.  I’m in the process of trying to consolidate my work and put it all here but it’s taking longer than expected.  I should be up to speed…soon?

Wow. What a slacker.

If this site was a child, I’d be locked up for abuse!  I haven’t been updating very regularly and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with a new design.  Bear with me while I try to get everything into place!

Butch Walker Thirty

Anyone who knows me knows that Butch Walker is my favorite performer, songwriter, music visionary of all time.  When he returned to Boston in March everything just felt right! 

Check out the full gallery here.




Rock the Ink – October 24 – 26

The first annual Rock the Ink extravaganza christened New England at The Dunk in Providence RI on October 24-26. Blending the most talented tattoo artists in the country with the most ass kicking metal, hardcore and rock bands was a recipe for pure rock and roll bliss for the music fans that made the journey. Bands with deep roots in the bay state took center stage to headline the first two nights; Killswitch Engage on Friday night and Godsmack on Saturday night. Both bands have been off of the touring circuit for awhile, Killswitch has been working on a new album and Godsmack has been concentrating on side projects with plans to write a new album in February. According to lead singer and guitarist Sully Erna, the band won’t tour in support of it until 2010, so a live performance was a rare opportunity. Needless to say, to have both bands perform headlining sets was no trick and most certainly a treat. Not to be outdone, several other New England bands served up face melting sets as well including Shadows Fall, Tantric and All That Remains, sharing the stage with other rock greats like Sevendust and Saliva. Full galleries of each band can be found here. (Click on the photos link in the menu)

Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust Rocks the Ink

Shadows Fall
Brian Fair of Shadows Fall

Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage


Welcome to my work in progress…

Hey there!  Just a small note to anyone that happens to stumble upon this page.  It’s a brand new site for me to archive and share what I’m working on.  It is currently being pulled together with some of the key shows, interviews, reviews that I’ve covered so far this year so at the moment it is unfinished and a work in project.  Feel free to look around but I would encourage you to come back in a few weeks when it is more complete! 


Cool Careers article on Photographer Peter Cooke

As a photographer it was a lot of fun to interview and bring some praise to local sports photographer and DCU Center house photographer Peter Cooke. You can read my article on Peter in the February issue of The Pulse or read it online here.