2008 in review?

It’s about that time of year that everyone blogs about their achievements over the past year.  I started writing my post in December but then with the holidays, my sister’s wedding, and contracting creeping death and being confined to my couch for over a week, I sort of lost track….and it seems kind of silly to do one now. 

 So, let me just say that 2008 can be summed up best as a year of firsts for me.  In a fervent attempt to further my experience in concert photography I pushed myself to the limit, sometimes at the expense of my social life, to try to hone my skills, create my own style, and get my name out there. 

The results?  I photographed over 150 bands (at least that’s when I stopped counting)  including some of the greats that I never would have dreamed of photographing (The Police, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp & Dave Matthews.) 

I had my first full page published photo in a national music magazine (Alternative Press ), I had a photo published in Rolling Stone Latin America (Joe Perry of Aerosmith), I received my own monthly Photography column (RockShots), and I commissioned a photo to be used as a poster for a signing at NAMM this year.  These were all big wins for me, but it didn’t come easy.

I shot several large festival type shows (Farm Aid, Mahyem Festival, Projekt Revolution, Warped Tour and the first annual Rock the Ink). 

Beyond that I continued to work on my own website (TheyWillRockYou.com) as well as acting as a contributer and writer to Rocknation & The Pulse Magazine.  Between the three I interviewed around 25 bands including Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Three Doors Down, & was even interviewed myself!

All in all, it was a very fulfilling year, but it only leaves me wanting to do more in 2009.  I’ll be doing a selection of photos to reflect the year in review for my next photography column so as soon as that’s up, I’ll link it here.  Way too much to do, so little time….

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